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Prosociality Didactical and Pedagogical Model (PDP)
Platform for teachers and classes
Dear teachers,
in this platform you can find a large selection of didactical materials related to the PDP Model for increasing the level of social competences of your class
Letís use the contents and create ones!
HOW to use it
1st Step
Select your social competence (if needed, you can surf into the PDP model!)
2nd Step
Watch the Video with your class and present the case. You can find in the manual.

For some of the competences, you can also go to:
3rd Step
Ask your students to answer some short questions (preferably individually), related to the video, using their laptop or tablet
4th Step
Do the right (or wrong) thing!
Ask your students to write down a story (about a situation they lived, related to the competence you are discussing)
Do not forget to use the list of the words indicated in the platform
5th step
Got the results
The system will give you a score, represented by a short statement, you can use itas a basis for a further discussion

Emotional awareness
Recognizing one's emotions and their effects. : Sensing others' feelings and perspective, and taking an active interest in their concerns.

Developing others
Sensing what others need in order to develop, and bolstering their abilities.

Leveraging diversity
Cultivating opportunities through diverse people.

Wielding effective tactics for persuasion.

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