Prosociality Sport Club


Prosociality Sport Club is a film!


Prosociality Sport Club is a film!
Here we are! After a one year intense work, Prosociality Sport Club is a documentary.
Rather, 7 documentaries 7!
It has been a true teamwork, involving 7 filmmakers, 7 crews, 7 storytellers from all the countries.
In the end, we have a general documentary containing all the stories from the countries involved in the Project, and six “local” documentaries showing each story: the Bulgarian one, the Lithuanian, the Greek, the Rumanian, the Italian, the Dutch, the Spanish.

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PS CLUB - Prosociality Sport Club
Prosociality for Integration and Multiculturalism | Project n. 518393-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-COMENIUS-CMP | Agreement n. 2011- 3565 / 001- 001
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