Prosociality Sport Club


The specific aims of PS CLUB are

Realizing a didactic scheme, the “PFSC Protective Factors and Social Competences Model”, addressed to establish shared prosocial teaching and learning rules for developing a pedagogical reference scheme in teaching social competences, taking into account the relevance of the lack of social competences in students with integration problems. In this perspective, integration and marginalization are not merely problems of a teacher or a headmaster but also of all the Educational Community. The frame is translated into a sort of “code”, the “Community Code”, containing also indications of a fair teaching and learning.

Realizing and Experimenting a model of Educating Community and verifying the efficacy in the field of Sport education. The Code becomes the backbone of the relationships among the School and other social communities (religious communities, sport associations, cultural associations etc…). The point is to create a formal cooperation among the communities where students live.

Experimenting a protocol of Education of Educators to create a cooperative scheme and contribute to reduce educational conflicts. School can represent for sport trainers a strategic provider of teaching skills in order to create a cooperative scheme and contribute to reduce educational conflicts. To have a practical effect, the students will experiment the shared rules in their sport activities. A sport team in each involved Country (the prosocial Sport Club) will be protagonist of an experiment verifying the efficacy of the new approach.

PS CLUB - Prosociality Sport Club
Prosociality for Integration and Multiculturalism | Project n. 518393-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-COMENIUS-CMP | Agreement n. 2011- 3565 / 001- 001
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