Prosociality Sport Club

Educating with sport

Sport activities are an interesting and perhaps also crucial field for reinforcing social skills.

It often happens that students use to consider sport really attractive, and more than formal education. In this perspective the role of sport education becomes very relevant. Sport is also a valuable mechanism for transmission of values, knowledge and social competences. It can contribute to create a spirit of community involving individuals of any race, but sport activities sometimes represent the natural environment where an educative conflict can be generated. Students feel sport as motivating and here it seems for them that it is possible to reach results not achieved in formal education. Despite this, it is also true that these positive efforts can be limited by the spirit of competition and by the idea of winning as a necessary goal. Moreover, sport trainers are not always involved in the school programs and often the sport associations employ their trainers not basing their choice on their educative skills. In order to generate good results in a prosociality strategy, the sport education can be very relevant if the sport activities are leaded in the same direction.

PS CLUB intends to experiment an innovative path for reinforcing social competences introducing a common teaching platform made up of a number of general rules of behaviour. It wants to involve all sport educators in teaching social competences and realize a guide aimed to avoid the educational conflict between school and other social communities.

The sport has in itself also many relevant characteristics, very important for the application of the prosociality aims, such as for instance: the attention to the spirit of the team; the attitudes to establish common goals and to have a cooperative approach; the attitude to respect severe rules and to pay attention to the discipline.

PS CLUB wants to increment the involvement of students at risk of marginalization in the educative actions expressed both by the school educative programme and by the sport activities often taking action after and outside the school time.

The purpose is to give birth to cooperative relationships between school and associations inspiring

their actions to the same prosocial principles.

PS CLUB - Prosociality Sport Club
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